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Blue Jeans

to the woman prisoners sterilized in California
to the 400.000 sterilized by the Nazi’s
to all the people held hostages against their will
to all the undocumented violations happening now

They cut her well
unfair sentence
in the custody of a partially blind Eagle
who could she appeal to?

How many immigrants are locked behind bars,
Blacks?, Latinas?
Who’ in the hell is Laughlin?
120,000 females in the US are incarcerated
this shit is not funny
not all prisoners are prostitues, killers, or drug dealers
and even if that happens to be true
do we learn by nature or nurture?
and is our ancestors actions incorporated in our genes?
I must be blue
did we forget about human trafficking?
Hotel California has no Bathtubs
Buck is not feeble-minded nor is her Daughter
and even if so, how about a Mental health treatment?
Virginia is Racist
you violated the 14th amendment
you violated international law
does that ring a Bell?
if you Francis Galton or Adolf Hitler
you disgrace the human race
of all its rays and hues
eugenics is not the answer
your model of law is bias
we have blue eyes too
and intellectuality
we work hard, and we are beautiful
you want to over-flood the pool
with your alikes*
your doctors are brainwashed
and so is your students
your judges are liquidated
your cause of actions lacks humanity
Jail is strictly business some is privately owned
modern slavery, social conditioning, and population control
your case files are worst then a felony

"I was here in another space, I was there in another time,"

- memoirs of a traveler

I wonder if Heaven Gota Ghetto - Shakur - 97